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We put an emphasis on fresh food, and we never waiver on quality.

our story

Fiusion Pizza is a restaurant that opened its doors in 2014 and has continued to serve delicious food uninterrupted for the past six years.

We are able to meet anyones dietary requirements as long as they tell us beforehand and give us time to alter their order, it is no trouble so don't feel bad for asking as we are more than happy to do it.

We are located in the heart of Liverpool and as such, we are a big part of the community and source all our fruits and vegetables for local vendors and growers, because we know how important it is for a community to support each other.

The food we serve is very traditional such as pastas, pizzas, ribs and wings. Still, we do like to innovate and create dishes that are completely unique to us such as our butter chicken pizza which no other restaurant around serves. We want to stand out and be different, but for the right reasons.

The owner of this fine establishment has 26 years' experience in the food and hospitality industry, so he knows how to run a restaurant smoothly, and he just so happens to be the man behind the philosophy of making our food from scratch, chef Dave.

The staff here are multicultural, so they bring their own cultures recipes and techniques to our restaurant, which has helped it thrive. We employ industry qualified staff ubcluding chefs and bakers.

Just like our main course food, all our desserts are made from scratch as well, so after having a generous helping of chef Dave's infamous butter chicken pizza. You can treat yourself to one of our many desserts which include sticky date pudding, various cakes and all your usual favourites.

We welcome and appreciate customer feedback and use that feedback to change our menus to give you, the diner, better experience. We change our menus frequently to give customers and staff variety.

If you want to support us further, then please go and like our Facebook page where we post regular updates on, which include new items, reminders of specials and glamour's photos of the food we serve. Or if you prefer to watch us in action, head on over to chef Dave's YouTube channel and see how he makes our food from scratch.

We also have an App where we have exclusive deals and offers, plus additional menu options that aren't available to the general public, and it also has a loyalty points system that you can use. To download the App, just search "Fiusion Pizza" in either the Apple or Google Play stores.

For further information about us or our menu, contact us at (02) 8798 2926, and if you wish you can also check out our menu on the website.

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